NoseWash is the first device developed and manufactured in Brazil especially for nasal washing in babies and children. With an innovative proposal, NoseWash contains playful miniature characters on the device itself and nasal adapters that protect the nose.

And now, in addition to NoseWash 10mL, we present the NoseWash 20mL, special Paw Patrol™ version!

NoseWash 10mL

NoseWash 20mL

Available Models

Nosewash Animais 10mL

Nosewash Heróis DC 10mL

Paw Patrol 20mL

Chase Patrulha Canina
Skye Patrulha Canina
Marshall Patrulha Canina
Patrulha Canina

Como lavar o nariz com o NoseWash 10mL e 20mL?

Where to find

Where to find

And the NoseWash line won´t stop growing!

We present the NoseWash MAX – Unicorn, Dinosaur and Adult/Child – the first high volume device (240ml/8.12oz) with flow control, this way you can choose higher or lower intensity and with a super comfortable nozzle to bring even more comfort during washing your nose. Besides being bright and colorful, the NoseWash MAX Unicorn and NoseWash MAX Dinosaur, comes with stickers to envolve the child even more during the process.

Available Models

NoseWash Max Unicórnio
NoseWash Max Dinossauro
NoseWash Max Adulto e Infantil

How to wash your nose with NoseWash Max 240mL?

Features and Benefits

The NoseWash line brings an innovative proposal by transforming this moment into a more positive experience. With playful characters on the devices, the NoseWash line provides a more fun time for children, reducing children's fear of washing their noses.

All NoseWash devices are made of non-toxic and non-allergenic plastic, colored with organic pigments, non-sterile and 100% recyclable. Does not contain Latex and BPA.


Our products are manufactured with Environmental Responsibility, we have the Eu Recycle seal and we also have an Internal Recycling Center.

Registrations and Certifications

Consult your doctor or specialist

• Nasal washing should always be indicated and guided by health professionals. Important information such as volume (mL) of saline solution to be used, ideal temperature, periodicity of application, among others, are fundamental and individualized.

• Nosewash is a medical device that conducts liquids for cleaning and washing the nose, and its use/indication must be in accordance with medical or specialist advice.

• This product is not a toy and its use must be supervised by an adult.

• Do not bite or try to chew.

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